Day 12: Putting Yourself Out There with Lisa Kettell


Today we have an industry expert joining us to chat about Putting Yourself Out There and Lisa Kettle has had a lot of experience in doing it for herself as well as helping clients put themselves out there as well!
Lisa Kettell is a graduate of Caldwell College, BA and MBA from NJ. She has become a leading expert in the creative arts industry and, has been published in over a 250 publications worldwide. Lisa has taught close to 1,000 workshops, spoken at over 65 venues and has dedicated time to marketing the essentials of art awareness. In addition to adults, Lisa builds child learning skills through various art enrichment programs which helps children and teens build creative learning, overcome challenges and establish leadership.  She proudly wears many hats; graphic artist/illustrator, media platform specialist, frequency coach, branding redeveloper, and creative director. These hats have allowed Lisa to work with over 100 creative industry brands to date.

Please take a listen!

Putting Yourself Out There with Lisa Kettell and Handmade U from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

So many good tips and words of encouragement that Lisa shared in here!  So many that stick out in my mind!  First we need to release the insecurity.  We all have insecurities, it is how we manage how those affect our ability to put ourselves out there, and work towards our goal that is important.  By releasing them we open up so many possibilities.

Consider your personality and how putting yourself out there might work best for you.  Do you have something within you that you need to get out?  Or would you be more comfortable supporting a brand or business by working with them and helping them put their vision out there?  You'd be putting yourself out there within their framework which works for so many people!  Decide where you will SHINE the most, and if you don't know, TRY one and see how it feels for you!

It's again all about the connections and what and who resonates with you.  There will be people your message, work, etc will resonate with.  Keep looking until you find them!  Keep a pulse on whether you feel you are on the right path, and keep doing what is making you happy.


Thanks Lisa for all your bits of wisdom!!

You can find Lisa on her website :

IG @lisakettelldesigns

Now go be creative,

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