Chat #11 The Power of Words with Lisa Palmer

Hi All !

It's Chat #11 and I'm welcoming to the blog today Lisa Palmer, a Brave Sister who is really do some amazing stuff ya'll!

Lisa is an artist and an architect and lives on a ranch in Northern California. She loves to tend to her family and her animals. Recently her husband remodeled an old sheep barn on the ranch for Lisa. It is an art studio and gathering space where she is going to hold classes and retreats. Lisa is a certified Soul Restoration teacher and an avid member of the Brave Girls Club. She teaches Soul Restoration at homeless shelters and is an advocate for homeless people.

Come listen in:

Chat #11 The Power of Words with Lisa Palmer from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

Lisa - Thanks for joining me and chatting about the Power of Words!! And thank you for all you do shining a light on the homeless and what we can do to help.


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