Day 2 - The Power of Words with Tracy Patterson

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our first Power of Words conversation, our new Handmade U Conversation series for October!

I found my first guest on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her inspirational, beautiful hand-knitted, hand-stamped cuffs .  I ordered one on the spot and have followed her since.

Tracy Patterson lives in West Tennessee with her family.  She is a preacher's wife and has 3 children.  She works by day as a dental assistant, and a Knitter and Maker by night.  Tracy enjoys knitting and hand stamping encouraging bracelets and accessories in her shop Handmade Knits by Tracy.  Follow her on IG @handmade_knits_by_tracy and find her etsy shop HERE.

Listen to our chat below:

Power of Words with Tracy Patterson from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.
We had a great conversation and my highlight from our chat is that Words can build you up, or tear you down.  Having positive words in front of you daily can be incredibly encouraging.

Tracy's favorite Words - "Blessed", "Child of the King"

Have you thought about your favorite Words?  Start making your list, the Companion Course for this month is coming soon!  Are your fingers itching to get stitching??

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and have a great week!


The Power of Words Companion Course is coming SOON!  Keep an EYE out here!

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