Day 3 - The Power of Words with Malary Hansen

Hi Everyone!

Today's chat is with my special guest Malary Hansen.  I met Malary when she was still in high school, 6 or 7 years ago!  It has been fun to see her grow into a wife, new mom and now business owner.

Malary is a young wife and mama who believes that love matters most. She enjoys cooking and baking healthful foods, spending time with her daughter and husband, being in the mountains, and creating beautiful things. She recently started her business, Malary Brette Designs-- an online shop with uplifting jewelry, and soon more!

Come take a listen to our chat below:

Power of Words with Malary Hansen from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

It was great to talk with her about how words are impacting her life with her Word of the Year, and the words she is stamping on beautiful jewelry she makes for her customers in her business Malary Brette Designs.  Find her shop HERE.  ( I fell in love with the earrings she was wearing, which she made, so I ordered a pair after our chat!)

With GROW as her word of the year, it is easy to see how much she has grown, and exciting to know she has more dreams and goals to grow even more.

Will you take her recommendation and find a little time here and there to get quiet and think about how you are feeling?  How do you want to be feeling?  Are those the same?  What words are popping up as you consider this?  Keep tabs on those words and see how they can help influence your life, the choices you make and moving you towards your dreams.

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