Chat #8 The Power of Words with Stasia Savasuk

Hi Everyone!

We are back with our 8th Chat today. If you missed having chats over the weekend, I have decided that this month we'll just have our chats during the week. The weekends are just going to be filled with family things, working around the property and filling out paperwork for our adoption process. So you'll anticipate the Monday chats even more now :)

Today's Conversation is not going to disappoint you! Stasia Savasuk is our special guest and she has lots of energy and enthusiasm! What a fun conversation.

Stasia Savasuk is a Personal Stylist (with a twist!) and founder of Stasia’s Style School. Her unconventional-transformation-motivational approach to style leads women of all ages and stages on an intuitive journey of letting go, knowing what they know, and embracing a life filled with confidence, courage and (inside-out) congruency. Stasia knows that changing your pants will change your life, and has ushered hundreds of women away from years of body-shaming, self-talk and muffin-top jeans to a place of body acceptance and pants that fit-to-flatter thankyouverymuch. Stasia can be seen frolicking in the backwoods of Vermont with her two kids, wearing a skirt, big earrings, red lipstick and a friendly smile.

The Power of Words with Stasia Savasuk from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

I love how this chat focuses around how we use words to define a goal or a feeling we are after. With identifying it with words, it helps us figure out a way to get to that end goal. Focusing on the Power Words, a phrase or a motto can help you in how you feel about yourself, help you make decisions that come up, and encourage yourself and others.

How do you want to feel? Is your style, the choices you are making all helping you feel that way?

Thanks Stasia for joining us today! Really enjoyed our chat!

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